Facts about Jadae Soy Melts

Soy Melts are wonderful things – BUT they are certainly not all made the same  so here is a few quick facts about our wonderful soy melts.

Soy Melts go by many names – Soy Tarts, Wax Melts, Wax Tarts, Melting Candles, Soya Wax Melts or Wax Tarts, but ultimately they are all the same thing.

In saying that not all are made equal or with quality essential or fragrance oils, or just soy wax.

Rest assured though that when you purchase a Jadae soy melt that you are buying a quality product.  We only purchase soy wax of the highest standards and below is some information about our wax:

* EcoSoya waxes are made using soy beans exclusively from U.S. farmers.

* Soy is a renewable resource and environmentally friendly.

* All EcoSoya waxes are Kosher Certified.

So once we blend our wax with our quality, uncut essential and fragrance oil, the mix is handpoured into our moulds and left to set.


Once set they are released and checked for any impurities or faults and packaging into our custom boxes.

And thats it! While it may seem like a quick and easy process, it has taken many years to perfect the blends and melting, mixing and pouring temperatures to minimise any loss of aroma.

Each of our soy melts will scent for up to 20 hours each and can be easily cut into 1/2 or 1/4’s if you have a smaller oil burner dish.

You should never mix water or add other oils to your Jadae soy melts and once the scent is completely exausted you should allow it to slightly harden and then remove safely from the oil burner dish.

What is your favourite Jadae soy melt?